The Adults

My first post in the Journal is a retrospective look at the time I was invited to document the recording of John Toogoods epic collaborative album 'The Adults'.

For those that know me; my second love, close behind photography of course is music, so the opportunity to be involved in shooting the recording process of John's first solo creation outside of the iconic Shihad, was monumentally exciting. We both decided that grainy high contrast black and white images would give the images that timeless feel.

The Adults are Jon Toogood, Julia Deans, Shayne Carter and Ladi Six

The Mojave Desert | LA


Still my favourite shoot in my career was the Fashion Quarterly shoot in the Mojave desert, the location was an old film set, we drove an hour and a half from LA and pulled into what reminded me of a David Lynch road movie. Our model from Los Angeles was beautiful but very difficult to manage, a short temperament and an attitude to match, we spent the day massaging her ego to avoid the almost inevitable tantrum. 

After the shoot in the 10 minutes we had while the crew packed up the gear I ran around and took these pics. For me the best thing about traveling are the cliches, the things you expect to see. The portraits in these images are of the caretaker of the location, he pulled in, as i was taking photos; toothless in his pick up truck I couldn't believe my luck!!


I had the privilege of shooting in Qatar for Vodafone.

Qatar is a world away from New Zealand, it was the first and only time I have visited a country in the middle east. It was a massive culture shock for me, as it emerges from a brutally dry desert like a mirage, with temperatures that make even the smallest task arduous, shooting a company profile was quite a challenge... 


F11 Magazine

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 5.06.52 pm.png

f11 Magazine, a global publication with a readership of 50,000+ per issue, has published an extensive feature story on my career in photography, spanning 15 years. f11 Magazine exists at the top end of the imaging market and displays the portfolios of established photographers worldwide. It is aimed directly at professional and enthusiast photographers, designers and creative people who work with images. f11 Magazine

Shihad | Sundae Sessions

Back on the subject of music I had the honour to record a special moment in NZ music history a while ago, it was the first ever live performance of Shihads latest critically acclaimed album FVEY. 

The location was York street studio and it was a particularly poignant moment as it was the location for the recording of Shihads first album and York street had recently announced that the iconic recording studio was closing its doors, this would be the last ever event at this historical venue. 

Special thanks to Hugh Sunday and Barker